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Thanks for stopping by! Both cocktail books are in stock and my official Tiki mug was officially released Jan. 17, 2015!

Latest News

Tiki Mug Pre-Orders Are Shipping Today!

After many months of waiting and delays, all pre-ordered mugs are finally being shipped. Thanks to everyone who supported this project! I couldn't have done it without you.

Tiki mugs are on their way!

Tiki mugs have shipped from Tiki Diablo's shop and are on the way to my humble shack. For those who pre-ordered mugs at KahunaKevin.com I'll be emailing each of you...

Finalizing Tiki Drinks For My 3rd Cocktail Book.

http://instagram.com/kahunakevintiki Make sure to check out my Instagram page as I go through all my 50-something paper notes and remake (refine) these new cocktail recipes into final versions. These completed...

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